Established in 1989, in the heart of Abu Dhabi's main shopping street, Kattan Opticians has been growing ever since as a leading independent eyewear destination in the UAE.

Your eyewear is not just an accessory. It’s a part of your identity!
— Dr. Lina Kattan, Founder


  (L-R): Dr Lina George,  & Dr Nadine Kattan, O.D.

(L-R): Dr Lina George,  & Dr Nadine Kattan, O.D.

Dr Lina George, O.D.

Dr Lina George is an epitome of style and professionalism at first glance. Backed by a degree of Optometry from the UK, Dr Lina has nurtured Kattan Opticians over the last 28 years into the successful boutique opticians that it is today. Her vision of infusing high fashion with high function is the philosophy that Kattan Opticians thrives on.

Dr Nadine Kattan, O.D.

Dr Nadine Kattan has the distinction of being a 2nd generation optometrist, whose grandfather was one of the first to receive a doctor of optometry degree in Michigan. A graduate of the Indiana University School of Optometry (USA), she has provided eye care services at Kattan Opticians for over 10 years.

Dr Nadine specializes in multifocal contact lenses, difficult contact lens fits and treatment of dry eye. Her skill and expertise ensures that all customers are in good hands!



Our staff is selected for their knowledge of optics, trendy fashion sense, and astute problem-solving skills.


Cecile  C. Rodriguez, Contact Lens Specialist

Dr Cecile is our contact lens expert. Fun fact – she worked in a contact lens lab for around 8 years, personally dealing with quality control in the production of contact lens! She specializes in fitting rigid gas permeable lenses for patients with corneal distortions such as keratoconus and post corneal transplant.

Dr Cecile loves what she does because she has the freedom to discover and learn more about her field every day.


Evelyn DelosSandos, Optical Style Consultant

All our clients have their individual style. Evelyn helps our clients create a look for themselves to suit their needs. Vibrant and vivacious, she helps bring in an element of class and sophistication into the purchase. If you want advice on how to look upbeat and trendy this season, then Evelyn is your go-to person!

Evelyn loves fashion and makes sure she stays up to date with the latest trends in vogue and beauty!


 Brendaline Garcia, Optical Specialist

Brendaline is our very own ophthalmic lenses specialist. Backed by 16 years of skilled experience, Brendaline has the keen ability to understand each client's personal requirements. Being a mother herself to two beautiful children, she is great with our little customers. She easily adapts to any new situation she is faced with, which makes her great at her job!

Brendaline loves watching Basketball and knows the game in and out.


Mike Bellingan, Optical Lens Specialist

Mike is our optical craftsman, who carries out all frame and lens adjustments as per client requirements. To Mike, his work is more like art than a job – challenging, fun and a great learning experience. Mike says he is happy when his customers are happy and offer positive feedback. If he is not at Kattan Opticians, then you can find him trekking or mountain biking! 


Munther Dajani, Administrative Director

Munther is our administration and systems buff. He ensures that our operation continues to run smoothly so we can always provide the highest quality services to our esteemed clients. 

Munther loves scuba diving and everything about the sea. You’ll find him blowing bubbles underwater any chance he gets.


Pradeep  K, Optical Assistant

Pradeep is our all-hands-on-deck man. From sales to administration, he is our dependable support person. Pradeep has been with Kattan Opticians for over 20 years and has a keen and perceptive understanding of what clients really need. You can be assured that Pradeep’s advice on your purchase will be practical, sensible and more bang for the buck!